The Ideal Methods to Cook Fishes

Saying to fishes, there are many different types. Of course, the cooking methods for the types are not the same. In fact, many people enjoy eating fishes more than the meats. Apart from more delicious taste, eating fishes are better for health than eating meats. Would you like to eat fishes or meats? Well, are you fishermen? And you are looking for a method to cook fishes, right? If you like fishes whether you aren’t a fisherman, an essential method to process your favorite fish is to need. Let’s see!!!

Cooking Your Preferred Fish – The Best Methods

Types of Fish Cuts

  • The flank of fishes is boneless – fillet
  • Removing the entrails, gills, and scales (in the head part) – dressed
  • Crossing the taken sections from a dressed fish – steak
  • Only removing the entrails – gutted

The Cooking Time of a Fresh Piece of Fish

Do you want to estimate the cooking for fresh fish? Well, it should measure the thickest section of fish. Here are the cooking time suggested for you:

  • The one-centimeter thickness: shallow fry ~ 4 minutes; steam ~ 3 minutes; bake ~ 3 minutes; grill ~ 5 minutes; poach ~ 8 minutes.
  • The two-centimeter thickness: shallow fry ~ 7 minutes; steam ~ 7 minutes; bake ~ 11 minutes; grill ~ 6 minutes; poach ~ 10 minutes.
  • The three-centimeter thickness: shallow fry ~ 10 minutes; steam ~ 11 minutes; bake ~ 15 minutes; grill ~ 9 minutes; poach ~ 12 minutes.
  • The four-centimeter thickness: shallow fry ~ 13 minutes; steam ~ 14 minutes; bake ~ 20 minutes; grill ~ 11 minutes; poach ~ 13 minutes.

The cooking times

The Cooking Time of a Frozen Piece of Fish

For the frozen fish, you also measure the thickest section in order to estimate cooking times. In particular, there are:

  • The one-centimeter thickness: steam ~ 5 minutes; bake ~ 17 minutes; poach ~ 10 minutes; shallow fry ~ 7 minutes; grill ~ 12 minutes.
  • The two-centimeter thickness: steam ~ 11 minutes; bake ~ 22 minutes; poach ~ 15 minutes; shallow fry ~ 11 minutes; grill ~ 15 minutes.
  • The three-centimeter thickness: steam ~ 13 minutes; bake ~ 35 minutes; poach ~ 22 minutes; shallow fry ~ 15 minutes; grill ~ 24 minutes.
  • The four-centimeter thickness: steam ~ 16 minutes; bake ~ 39 minutes; poach ~ 28 minutes; shallow fry ~ 15 minutes; grill ~ 28 minutes.

A Wide Range of Techniques to Cook Fish


The top of fish will be cut along. Then, you place on a baking disk before covering. It adds a little juice lemon, olive oil, and herbs so as to increase the flavor and keep moisture. Using the best convection toaster oven, baker,… and baking about 180 degrees C.

Pan frying

The types of pan frying

  1. Steaks: Any firm piece of fish can be placed in a direct way on the hottest part of the grates. Each of the sides will have to cook the steaks from 1-2 minutes. Like that, the juices are sealed into your fish. It finishes cooking at 4500. Following the rule, it is about 10 minutes.
  2. Skin-on fillets: Using the aluminum foil and a little oil to cover the grates. Depending on your tastes, you choose the fish and cook for 10 minutes.
  3. Skinless fillets: Starting is to place fillets on a foil after adding a little white wine and herbs that you like. Aside from that, if liked, you can also add the sliced blanched vegetables on the top. Cooking in a foil tent enables the steamed space for 10 minutes. The purpose is to collect. In case you added the vegetables on the top of fillets, it ought to cook more time.
  4. Whole fish: Based on your taste, you are able to stuff or season on whole fish. Similarly, you also wrap them in foil after placing on the grill. Applying each side is about 10 minutes. Let’s make sure that two sides evenly.


To fry the pan and sautéing butter, it must make sure sufficient oil to cover the whole bottom of your pan. Besides, you also need to prepare enough flour to coat your fishes. It recommends that the thickness of the slices are not too ½ inch. With the frozen fish, it must be thawed a part. The oil must be 190 degrees C and the fish is fried until golden evenly both sides.


When applying this cooking method, you need to cut slashes on the entire fish so that the heat can evenly penetrate in the flesh. The fishes will be placed on the grill that is heated and oiled. Adding a sauce a bit that you’d like to.


Poaching fish

Frequently, this method is not suitable for flaky kinds. The liquid must be ensured the enough amount in order to poach and cover your fish in the saucepan or pan. With the liquids, you can utilize tomato juice, seasoned water, wine, or chicken broth. It covers the lid and simmers for ten minutes after adding fish seafood and continuing to boil with small fire until you recognize that it is done.


It places your fish on a dish or in a steamer. It adds 2 inches of the liquid in your pot. Covering the lid and reducing the heat until your dishes has done.


In general, is utilizes this method to flavor your fish, especially, for barbecuing or broiling. Nonetheless, you can also use it for the cooking replacement. The acidic of lemon juice and vinegar has the ability to denature the protein of fish. The best is to refrigerate and marinate fish in the nonmetal containers. You should only apply for the shellfish or firm fish and avoid the soft-texture types because they are easy to fall apart and lose the shape.

Seafood kabobs or kebabs

For the firm fishes like ling, chunks shark, tuna, sea scallops, sword, Stargazer, or halibut, you should marinate them in oil or herbs for 2 hours after skewering with the vegetables, including peppers, mushrooms, onions, and tomatoes. Then, you will grill them from 5 to 10 minutes. The grilling time is to depend on the size of your fish chunks. Let’s turn them regularly!

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