How To Distinguish The Quality Of Seafood And Choose The Freshest For Your Meals?

Among simple and healthy choices for a big meal in the evening, the seafood has always been one of the best for the consumer because of its nutritions and delicious taste. Seafoods in general are considered one of the best sources of fatty acids and minerals. The benefits of seafoods are very important to our mental and physical conditions, so the governments all over the world encourage people to consume more fishes than just beef or pork to prevent obesity. In addition, the cooking methods are quite simple so that housewives can cook the whole meal within a short amount of time and the dishes are still in high quality with full of nutritions.

Basically, the flavors and meat quality of seafoods are decided by the freshness of the products. That’s the reason why you should know some tips and tricks to choose the products with the best quality in order to guarantee the quality of your seafood dishes.

  1. Basic Knowledge About Seafoods

Dining with seafoods

Before going to the steps in choosing the seafood, we need to know the definitions of them. Seafoods are animals living in the oceans, which are harvested to be human’s foods. There are a variety of seafoods including ocean fishes, octopus, squids, snails, oysters… and types of lobsters and crabs. In additions, there are some kinds of marine plants such as seaweed or marine algae, which can be consumed by human are also listed as seafoods.

The seafood is one of the most common types of food all around the world because they can be caught or raised easily, especially under the hot and humid climate of Asian countries. Seafood is very rich in nutritions and is the source of oils that contain special types of acids and minerals.

The seafood can be cooked in many ways, but they should be cooked simply so as to keep the nutritions inside the meat and the amount of oil and water. Seafoods can be stirred fried, grilled, steamed or boiled according to the flavors you want to create.

In this post, we will find out some easy and effective ways to choose fresh fishes and types of shrimp and lobster.

  1. Fish Choosing Experience

As you can see, there are many types of fish as well as other kinds of seafood, but you just have to know some common ones because you can’t buy and cook all of them. Some require high skills and special cooking methods. In fact, using seafoods for a dinner doesn’t need to be too complicated. Follow these instructions to find the best ingredients for your meals!

Picking Fress Fish in the market


First of all, you should know some basic fish sources near your place. If you are an early bird, everything would be much easier for you because the fishes which are newly caught are sold at the market from early morning. 5 to 6 a.m. is the best time of the day to go to the seafood markets and look for the freshest fish. Of course you should have some considerations and comparisons between some certain kinds of fish so that you can select the best kind for your meals.

Not many people know this, but we can totally buy fresh seafood online and don’t have to go to the markets and waste our time there. Nowadays, with the development of the services, ordering a prepared fish that is cleaned and packed with ice has never been easier.

The shipment is quite professional therefore you don’t have to worry about the quality of the fish. You can select the fish type and the weight you want, then order from the night before. In the next morning, the product will be delivered to you in time. However, this method is quite expensive and sometimes because of some reasons, your deliver will be a little bit slower than expected.

Another choice is joining a community which connects catchers and consumers directly. You can buy the fish with the lowest price and best quality without having to waste time and efforts. With just some clicks and a small member fee, you can be the one who participates is a fishing harvest. This is the best way to get the fresh seafood caught from the sea. Moreover, because you don’t have to pay for preserving and transporting fees, the price would be insanely cheap. An exciting trip with freshest fishes, what more can you expect?

  1. Frozen Products: Should or Shouldn’t?

Generally, frozen seafoods can be one of the best choices if you can’t or don’t have time to choose the seafood at the market. They are products that are harvested and processed before being frozen and move to the supermarkets or grocery stores.

In fact, this is not a bad choice if you know how to choose the frozen seafoods. The price is quite fair and the quality is acceptable. When choosing the frozen seafood, remember to check for the belly and the color of it. If you notice that there is something wrong, don’t purchase even if the price is quite attractive.

  1. Should We Use Processed Seafood Products?

You can see that there are many types of cooking methods that can be applied in the seafood cooking process. Some of them can bring a unique flavor and help the product last longer under normal conditions.

Making Your Own Cooking with Seafoods

If you are looking for a different smell of the ocean, you should try using smoked fish for the dinner. The fish is processed and smoked carefully to increase the salty flavor as well as adding some colorful tastes inside the fish meat.

Smoked and dried fishes can be stored for months and still good when being used. This method has been passed from the sea legions to the mainlands hundreds of years ago.

There are many other options for you to select so as to bring the ocean flavor to your home. In further posts, I will show you how to cook seafood in short time without losing the oil and the water, but still bring the wind of change to your family.

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