How To Cook And Eat Seafoods Properly?

Seafoods are the gift of the ocean. They are fresh, full of nutrition, easy to cook and eat and very cheap as well. Seafood dishes not only provides a lot of vitamins and minerals, but also make your everyday menu becomes more colorful and diverse. With the ingredients from the sea such as saltwater fishes, crabs, shrimps or even jelly fish, you can make the meal for your family becomes more delicious without having to take too much time and know much about complicated cooking methods.

Despite of the fact that dishes cooked from seafood are quite easy to absorb regardless of mental and physical condition of the eater, they still can bring some negative effects to your body in some cases. Therefore, eating seafood in a right way is a problem that receives the concentration from many people.

Eat Fresh Seafoods That Are Cooked Perfectly


Choosing Fress Lobster

According to many doctors and nutrition specialists, the best way to use seafood is choosing the fresh ones from the beginning (living fishes, shrimps, lobsters…) so that you don’t have to worry about the freshness and the meat quality. However, if you don’t have enough time to choose or go to the seafood market to do so, the frozen seafood should be fine, but you have to take a really good look at them so as to avoid the one that was stored for a couple of days. You have to bring a chopstick to poke the seafood to see if they are still fresh or not. It requires more skills and experiences than you might think, so you should practice regularly. Seafood that is spoiled by being exposed to the environment contain a large amount of bacteria that can harm the digest system even when they are cooked so choose the ingredients carefully before using them to cook, especially seafood.

The bacteria’s inside the meat are very easy to develop and multiply quickly because the normal temperature is the best environment for them. Normally, they should be boiled in water for about 8 minutes so as to terminate the bacteria completely. You can cook the seafood in many ways, but the best way to keep the ocean taste and the amount of nutrition inside. You have to remove the bad smell of the seafood by using chilly, onion and citronella… When eating the seafood, you should eat when the dish is still hot so as to absorb the nutrition better.

What Should I Avoid When Eating the Seafood?

  • Don’t use beer with seafood to avoid Gout: Many people have the habit of drinking beer while eating seafood in hot summer days. This is a very attractive way for men to entertain and lower the heat after a hard working day. However, the combination between n beer and seafood is one of the most common reasons causing Gout – the disease called “rich men’s way to die”. Drinking beer and eating too much seafood at the same time can increase the speed of uric acid formation in the body. This is the main factor of Gout. So avoid this habit as much as you can so as to protect your bones and joints.

Seafood with beer

  • No seafood with “cold” food: Seafood is already counted as “cold” food. It means that when you consume any types of seafood, your inner body will lower the temperature inside automatically. That’s the reason why you should not use any other types of cold food such as cucumber, melon, gas drink, ice tea…). They would make you feel uncomfortable and harder to digest. You should drink wine so as to warm up your body and make the seafood taste better
  • No seafood with vitamin C – rich foods: Seafoods are very full of nutrition, especially when they are boiled and grilled. However, they contain a large amount of Asen Pentavenlent. Normally this thing doesn’t do any harms to your body, but when you eat seafoods with a large amount of vitamin C – rich food such as orange, mango… it can transform to Asen Trioxide that is very poisonous to our body.

Who Should Stay Away from The Seafoods?

Seafoods are easy to eat, however, not everyone can absorb the components and some chemicals inside them. That’s why there are some people who should stay away from seafood for their own safety, including pregnant women, Gout and bone disease people and people who are allergic to seafoods.

So when you use seafoods as the main dishes for your meals, remember to choose the ingredients based on the freshness and also know some basic knowledge about eating seafoods so as to avoid problems in the body and have good meals with one of the best ingredients in the world. Have fun cooking with the ocean!

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