9 Delicious and Nutritious Seafood Dishes

The species of snails, oysters, crabs are delicious seafood species and common, and they often are eaten in the sea voyage. Seafood in the seas has many kinds. And depending on the conditions of each region that will have popular seafood species and characteristics. Each seafood species will have its way of processing, according to the creativity of the people in each area. Therefore, seafood has become an attractive dish hard to resist for many tourists when arriving seas. This article will introduce 9 common delicious and nutritious seafood. This is certainly the kind of seafood you should eat when to sea.

The best seafood dishes

#1. The Marine Snails

The marine snail is one of the most famous seafood, by the appealing aroma. Sea snails usually live in tropical waters, is located at the bottom of the sand at a depth of 5-20m. The meat of sea snail is fragrant, sweet, rich in protein and B vitamins, good for the brain and nervous system. You should taste the sea snails with ginger, fibrous chili. You steam snail meat with ginger, lemongrass, chili, then you will have a fresh dish with sweet flavor. The meat of sea snail is not too soft as clam meat, scallops and sweet. And they’re not too fat as meat oysters, clams. If you enjoy the sea snail, you will feel the rich taste, not confused with any food specialties.

#2. The Lobster

Lobsters have a unique flavor. Lobster meat is very easy to prepare delicious food, and porridge is a good example. An aromatic porridge pot with the red of shrimp meat, the yellow of grease, the green of coriander, this is the dish that tourists can not refuse. If you want to eat this dish at home, you can buy lobster meat and other ingredients, and then you use the best slow cooker to make attractive porridge. Lobster meat has a delicious, fresh, sea flavor, and better than the taste of black tiger shrimp. You have several ways to prepare dishes such as steamed, boiled or grilled. You served with lemon salt, and pepper or mustard are suitable.

The lobster

#3. The Sea Crab

Sea crabs have a thick shell, calcium carbonate, and a greater pair. Crabs live in every ocean in the world, especially in the tropics. Sea crab is a delicious food and nutrient-rich for many people. This is a favorite dish of many cruise travelers. Hard coating, delicious meat, fragrant, tasty sweetness are the highlights of the sea crabs. Sea crab- it is considered as a most delicious seafood in the sea.

The sea crab

#4. The King Crab Wwimming

King crab swimming is a favorite and delicious seafood. The meat of king crab swimming provides protein, sweet, soothing and almost no fat. This is a seafood dish with an equally good seafood species. King crab swimming can be made into delicious and attractive dishes: boiled, grilled, steamed, cooked porridge, hotpot. But the majority of people choose cooked with beer, served with chili lime salt and pepper. Or you can also choose to roasted Swimming crab with tamarind, and food will be sour and sweet.

#5. The Squid

Squid are usually be caught directly from the sea, has a small size, easily processed into delicious dishes. Squid is one of the famous seafood dishes with delicious taste and high sweetness. You can apply some common cooking methods such break: fried, steamed or grilled. Each method will give a sense and individual taste. Diners will feel the sweet freshness, tenderness of the meat. Many people would love feeling fresh, not bored of the squid meat.

#6. The Tuna

Tuna is a special kind of delicious seafood, and tuna eyes are healthy. Tuna is processed into many delicious dishes and lay the value of exports. Also, tuna fish boxes are used for trading. Tuna products are to be transformed into tuna powder for use in animal feed. Fresh tuna meat can be turned into dozens of dishes such as tuna salad, lemon cream sauce, toasted with coconut leaves, braised pineapple, orange sauce, cooked with lotus seeds. Tuna dish it is considered one of the appealing seafood dishes. Tuna is made clean, cut into small pieces, then place them on a tray, and freeze it.

#7. The Abalone

Abalone is rich in medicinal seafood, cooling, increased energy for men, help eyesight, cough, and indigestion. The shell and intestines of abalone are used as medicines to heal and nourish. Abalone is processed into a lot of sustenance as served with ginger, mustard. You will feel sweet mainly. Abalone porridge, oyster sauce or steamed whole fish with soy sauce are delicious and nutritious.

#8. The Blood cockle

Blood cockle has been known as a nutrient seafood dishes. Blood cockle can be processed into a lot of different foods with high nutritional content. According to studies, in 100g of cockles have major components: 81,3g moisture; 11,7g protein; 1.2 g lipid; minerals; vitamins A, B1, B2, C, a value of 71.2 kcal energy. Blood cockle is high protein, low in fat, many minerals. Blood cockle is delicious seafood dishes and the favourite of many dinners.

#9. The Oyster

Oyster have an important role in the ecosystem because of its ability. Most oyster species in the world are found in 5 locations in North America. The oysters have two layers: crust rough outside and tender, juicy meat inside. This is fantastic food for sea travel. The oysters grow in the clean water environment, so we guarantee the quality. Oysters have long been known to be nutritious dishes, and delicious. Oyster can be cooked in many ways such as raw, grilled, fried garlic, boiled, steamed.

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